Mental Control is Renato Goulart, resident of the city of Goiania/Goias in the heart of Brazil. His first contact with Electronic Music in 2000 led him to seek new innovations, in 2003 after completing Music School in Hong Kong he began to perform DJ sets at underground parties in the state at the same time he researched production techniques and began to write his own music.

Renato has performed at some of the biggest international and popular festivals around the world including Universo Paralello (Brasil), Universal Religion (Nepal), 303Festival, Samsara Festival, Festival Fora do Tempo, BlueFrog (India), Club Fiction, Tranceformation Festival, Jack Daniels Disco (HK), Mushroom Mag 20years and many others. In the past he has been part of known labels such as Psytropic Recs (Germany), Medusa Recs (Greece) and Buddha Mantra (Portugal), and since a long time now been a part of Digital Om team.

Always pushing the boundaries for quality production, Renato regularly innovates his Live Set, drawing atmospheres filled with groove and technology, moving the crowd into a complete sound voyage with moments of deep psychedelic touch. He spends most of his time in his studio, always updating his new LIVE.


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