Dj Michel had his first contact with psychedelic trance when he was thirteen, soon he started to develop his mixing skills. At age 16 he decided to take up DJing professionally.
Michel is always on the lookout for the newest and the most original creations. He brings in his CD case fresh knowledge to share with the world.
He has performed in several cities in & around Brazil.
Michel had been present in line ups of highly appreciated events as Mandallah, Enzyme, Soul VIsion Festival ,Magic Paradise, Native, Drods, Expolounge, Jungle Sounds Festival, Additiva, Vision, PsyElectro Bar, Dreams Land, Heaven Beats, Universo Parrellelo 303 Stages playing along side top names as Growling Machines, Xerox & Illumination, Dino Psaras, GMS, Domestic, Pixel, Space Cat, Slider, Earthling, Dimitri Nakov, X-noiZe, Cycle Sphere, Kido ,Alien Project ,Dual Core, Waio, Freedom Fighters, Mad Hatters, Dynamic, Bliss, Zen Mechanics, Polaris, Shani Gobi, Rinkadink, Joti Sidhu & various more.

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