Born in 1979 in France living in Paris, Mathieu is Dj since the year 2000, known under the name of Dj PsySrek, playing about each sub style of psytrance. He had been hosting Psytrance TV show on Hotbird2 satellite (British Telecom) for 2 hours every month from 2005 till 2007. Having played most mega events in France and Europe. It's only in 2011 he started to play under his new Dj project Oniryx specializing in Progressive to Psychedelic Full On Sound, adaptable to both day and night sounds . Oniryx is from the french word «Onirique» meaning from dreams, so why after 2 years he’s been label Dj on Digital Om Productions, he released his 1st physical CD compilation called “Awaken Dreams” a 10 tracks Full On selection to describe how his properly psychedelic. 

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