Everything is relative, as the saying goes. Really everything? Apparently not: The productions of Drasko Radovanovic from Belgrade, Serbia, can best be described as absolute: Absolute powerful, absolute danceable, absolute psychedelic and absolute progressive. Within no time his project Relativ became a constant of quality in the global Trance formula.
It is a talent that gives expression to Drasko’s enthusiasm for the Trance scene, growing since 2000. Yet there is even more to the sound of Relativ than great ideas: Its outstanding production quality.
Thanks to a professional audio engineer training the Serbian producer is capable of transcribing his colorful imagination into music of dazzling vividness. Exploring the depths of Psytrance, just to shoot up straight into the uplifting heights of powerful Progressive Trance, Relativ takes his listeners on a surreal journey full of mind-bending turns.
After his debt album «Gates Of Perception», he is working industriously on new releases and keeping up with his creative agenda to always bring something new in his music.
Whenever the complex equation of party includes the music of Relativ, there is a very good chance that it will be solved with a simple result: Absolute euphoria!

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