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Digital Om Productions proudly presents Tristate's debut album titled «Believe It Or Not». One year in the making, Austrian duo Tristate proves once again why they are considered to be one of the fastest rising newcomers within the progressive psytrance scene.

The album features 9 previously unreleased tracks, including one collaboration and three remixes already dance-floor approved in several live performances. Probably their most personal piece of music so far, opposing current trends of the market and refining their own signature style, bringing what truly comes from the bottom of the heart. Believe It or not.

  1. Tristate — Lily Of The Valley (Original)
  2. Tristate — Believe It Or Not (Original)
  3. Yestermorrow — Quantum Hologram (Tristate Remix)
  4. Tristate — Blackness (Original)
  5. Tristate & Aioaska — Lost In Modulation (Original)
  6. Tristate — Everything You Are (Original)
  7. Tristate — End Transmission (Original)
  8. Zyce & Talpa — Rip & Sweet (Tristate Remix)
  9. Laserkraft 3D — Nein Mann (Tristate & Aioaska Remix)
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