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''We think too much and feel too little’’

Marc AudioFire’s inspiration and ideas behind this process were to achieve an expression of freedom through sound and speech. To send a clear message out there in the form of music and oscillation and the knowledge that we all share DNA, and a chemical make up which effects our energy. From years of mental slavery being told what is right and what is wrong, we start to conform and believe. Music has the power to make us all unite.

 Through evolution we have produced chemicals that make us feel good naturally. There are 4, Happiness, Pride, Joy and Love.

 We hope you enjoy this 2 track EP titled “Chemicals” which his AudioFire’s second release after his previously released debut ‘Dream Around Us’

 The message is clear «Let us all unite” … Charlie Chaplin

  1. AudioFire — Machine Minds 
  2. AudioFire — Chemicals 
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