Releases notes

Digital Om are very happy to introduce a fresh new EP from 2 hot talents; Lifeforms & Kali. These 2 artists have come together to combine their musical talents, creating a stunning new collaboration EP 'Crash & Burn'. The first track on the EP is Lifeforms twist on Kali's original «Typology» keeping the original twisted vibe, yet bringing their own fresh take and ideas to this powerful remix. The second track is titled 'Crash & Burn' which is a collaboration between the 2 artists. In this track you can really hear the prowess, style & clarity both artists bring to the mix without any compromise. A tasteful dish for everyones ears.This highly anticipated collaboration will instantly stand out with its high-pace, deep and rolling bass, twisted FX & rhythms, powerful lead lines & beautiful breaks. This is definitely one for the dancefloor & a must have for the CD wallet.

  1. Kali — Typology (Lifeforms Remix)
  2. Kali & Lifeforms — Crash & Burn (Original Mix)
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