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Stepping a bit away from its signature sounds Digital Om Productions comes back with a very special and rare new compilation. This time its a massive Double CD pack which transcends a journey from Dawn until Dusk, all put together by our experienced label DJ & deck wizard DJ Jafar. Rolling Stoners is a story that begins with the rising sun of the day all the way to the post sunset experience. All tracks are carefully handpicked from the perspective of global dance floors which is designed to make the listener go into an intense journey of self exploration keeping, engaged in a deep trance dance movement. This compilation ranges between the tempo of 140 — 150 BPM split into 2 parts with Cd 1 bringing in fresh groovy daytime sounds to be played when the sun is shining hot and bright on the dance floor while the Cd 2 brings in the perfect atmosphere with punchy rolling more intense psychedelic sounds which start setting the mood from sunset going all the way to the twilight zone. All in All ROLLING STONERS is a must have for those Dynamic Deck Wizards & listeners who are ready to step out of their comfort zone for bringing a vivid listening and dancing experience!

  1. Groove Addict & Treavor Moontribe — Shiva's Melt (Original Mix)
  2. Ital — Fresh Vibes 07:56 (Original Mix)
  3. Spinal Fusion & Mad Monkey — Nirvana Sky (Original Mix)
  4. Space Vision — Dank (Original Mix)
  5. Eclipse Echoes & Woodstech — Freak Revolution (Original Mix)
  6. Mental Broadcast & Technology — 2 Worlds (Original Mix)
  7. Earthspace — Modulated Pathway (Original Mix)
  8. Mental Control & Nevermind — The Green Spell (Original Mix)
  9. Beyond Repair — Trichome Army (Original Mix)
  10. Samadhi — Rolling Stoned (Original Mix)
  11. Ajja & Jovis — Dopaque (Original Mix)
  12. Gaspard — Sacrilicious (Original Mix)
  13. Dust — Mantra (Original Mix)
  14. Whiptongue & Smokeship — Back To 50's (Original Mix)
  15. Headworks — Doodlebug (Original Mix)
  16. Drumatik & Airi — Scary Doors (Original Mix)
  17. Electric Mirror — The Human Form (Original Mix)
  18. Bubbleguns — Earth Kid (Original Mix)
  19. Entropy — My Pink Salad (Original Mix)
  20. Babagoon — 420 (Original Mix)
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