Releases notes

We at Digital Om are excited to release debut EP from solo project of Coexist which is a freshly formed solo project of Dima Gafner who for years has been the driving force & co-partner in NitroDrop project & also formerly running the solo project called I-Drop. 
Storm On Mars is very fresh 3 track EP. A very first for Dima under his freshly formed solo project Coexist. This release showcases his skills as dynamic producer & fine musical craftsmanship gained after his immense experience & exposure over the last many years. EP also consists of a track in collaboration with Benson who is from the famous Israeli band called Mashina also including some Guitar work from Naor Dayan & Vocal Samples from Odeliya
Coexist is definitely here to bring in his new wave of progressive vibration to global dance floors.




  1.  Coexist — Storm On Mars
  2. Coexist & Benson — Back to Heaven 
  3. Coexist — Other Effects 
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