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Digital Om Productions progressive wizard V Society has carefully selected ten previously unreleased floor rippers for your audio visual pleasure. Full of brand new and exclusive material from the upcoming and top audio pilots from around the globe ,Carving its way from 135 bpm to 142bpm Universal Religion : The Awakening is a ecstatic journey packed full of hit tracks that will be appreciated by home listeners, DJs and dance floors together as a masterpiece in contemporary psychedelic music. This compilation brings you a great selection of Progressive Beats, covering the wide range of today's scene and trends, represented by international top artist.

  1. Sonic Entity — Assimilation (Original Mix)
  2. Liquid Soul — Adrenaline (Zen Mechanics Remix)
  3. E-Clip — Streamline (Original Mix)
  4. Symbolic & Outsiders — High Hopes (Original Mix)
  5. Side Effects — Communication Frequency (Original Mix)
  6. Sideform — Angaraka (Original Mix)
  7. Vertical Mode — Modular Pitch (Original Mix)
  8. Middle Mode & Relativ — Divination (Original Mix)
  9. Sonic Species — Just Another Freak (Original Mix)
  10. Relativ vs V-Society — Beyond Reality (Original Mix)
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