• Jun22 Phoenix, AZ Fear Farm Festival Grounds Tickets

Genesia @ Ometeotl Festival Mexico 2016


GENESIA comes from 'Genesis', which is scientifically applied to an origin of something. The meaning of this concept will be particularly used though.When everything that human being currently can hear and see did not exist yet, when there was nothing, even the first particle, something happened. What formed all we can perceive was stunningly a sound, a totally tuneful one.

As far back as that happened, basic and complex rythms of auditive range frequencies have been working; that "everything" has been constantly controlled by perfectly harmonic universe's lifelong sound oscillations.

GENESIA is a 2-Architect project interested on modulating that kind of deep-seated sounds through a psychedelic progressive trance music style.Eriq Dyna [Disorder] & Antonio Resendiz [Ohm] have discovered how to put them into a powerful and addictive formula where the main characteristics are dynamic bases, cinematic atmospheres and a unique evolution of rythms among morning sounds and highly contagious groovy frequencies.