2000 Years Ahead

Beatport Release Date :16.01.2017
Store Release Date :30.01.2017
Artist : Daniel Lesden
Catalog ref. : DOPCD008
Artwork designer : Onseed
Mastering : Stryker Mastering

Russian music producer and DJ, based in Israel, Daniel Lesden releases his second studio album titled '2000 Years Ahead' on his home label Digital Om Productions.
Inspired by the many Sci-Fi films and novels, the album tells a story about human race that has reached out a peak of technological growth and a hidden menace it may lead to. With this release expect to hear some robotic voices driving with synthetic leads rolling on kinetic energy all in all an extremely intelligent & mature Psychedelic masterpiece  that Daniel Lesden is unleashing after a year of studio work.
This album also includes a collaboration with the Digital Om’s rising talent AudioFire as well as a remix to earlier released track of Middle Mode & Relativ titled ‘Divination'.
 '2000 Years Ahead' is a sci-infused blend of Progressive and Psytrance that is ready to blast the dancefloors around the world.

Track List
  1. Daniel Lesden - The End Of The Aquarius Age
  2. Daniel Lesden - Pangea Proxima 
  3. Daniel Lesden - The Dream of Electric Sheep
  4. Daniel Lesden - Technological Singularity