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Logic Levels

Beatport Release Date :16.05.2016
Store Release Date :30.05.2016
Artist : Tristate
Catalog ref. : DOPDIGI066
Mastering : Stryker Studios

Upcoming austrian duo 'Tristate' teams up with Digital Om Productions to bring you their newest EP called 'Logic Levels'. The EP features 2 completely different concepts in modern psychedelic dance music production. 

Title track 'Logic Levels' is a groove oriented daytime stomper which features, all vocal elements recorded & edited with singer and actress Marina Fernandez, who adds her own unique feel to the production. Next track titled, 'Artificial Mind', is more melodic approach featuring fast rhythmic pattern sections and uplifting lead lines which are standing out in this track production. 

Both tracks have been tested heavily in live sets and they always brought their unique flavour to the dance floors. Get ready to reboot your Logic Levels ! 

Track List
  1. Tristate - Logic Levels
  2. Tristate - Artificial Mind